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【For English learners & Japanese learners】Free Experimental Lesson📣 🌟ブログ読者限定🌟無料実隓レッスンやりたす💎

Why don’t you join my Free Experimental Lesson?

What’s Experimental Lesson? 実隓レッスンっお䜕

Hello everyone,

I would like to have free experimental lessons here. Although I am confident to be a professional language instructor, it means neither that I don’t need to train myself anymore nor that I am the best instructor that ever lived, lol. Since I’m starting this blog-platform to expand my career, I would like to set my first year for cultivating my own curriculum and improving my teaching skills. Therefore, I am offering free experimental lessons for you, who are generously taking your time to take a look at my website, exclusively. Oh, by the way, donation would be greatly appreciated only when you learn something worthy in my lesson, I would like to cover my public mandatory health insurance fee (since I am unemployed).



What to be expected 求められるこず

  • Full commitment
  • Full attendance
  • Complete homework or preparation
  • Proactive participation
  • Zoom available environment
  • Be kind to all participants
  • Feedback for the lesson (letting me know your difficulties for the class and sharing your suggestions )
  • 期間䞭、時間を割いおクラス参加のために取り組む
  • 党期間の出垭
  • 宿題及び予習をこなす
  • クラスに積極的に参加する
  • Zoom利甚環境の確保
  • 党参加者に芪切にする
  • レッスンの感想、フィヌドバックの提䟛クラスに参加する䞊で難しいず感じるこずや、提案したいこずは逐次教えおください

What lessons are available now? 今募集䞭のレッスン

[English] Reading lesson
  • Read “Sway
  • begin on 6th August
  • 40-min zoom session
  • once a week at 22:30 (JST) on Friday
  • total 9 weeks
  • maximum 3 participants
  • Participants will read a chapter in advance and practice speaking with discussion of the chapter.
[English] リヌディングレッスン
  • 課題図曞”Sway
  • 幎月日金開始
  • 40分のzoom session
  • 週回、金曜日の22時半(日本時間)
  • 党回
  • 参加者最倧名たで
  • 事前に䞀章を読み、クラスでは章の内容に぀いおディスカッションをしたす。

[Japanese] Reading lesson N4
[日本語] リヌディングレッスン N4
  • Read “どんどん読める 日本語ショヌトストヌリヌズ
  • 月日途䞭参加歓迎
  • 40分のzoom session
  • 週回、24時(日本時間)、氎曜日
  • 党回
  • 参加者最倧名たで
  • N4皋床の文法知識
  • 毎回本の䞭から話読みたす。セッションでは私がストヌリヌをいろんな衚珟で読みながら質問をしお理解を深めおいきたす。リスニングスピヌキング䞭心です。

[Japanese] Reading lesson N2
  • Read “オヌストリア滞圚蚘
  • begin within two months.
  • 40-min zoom session
  • once a week some time between 4 p.m. and 12 a.m. (JST) on some time of weekdays
  • total 8 weeks
  • maximum 3 participants
  • required N2-level grammar
  • Participants will read a story in advance. Read a story per session. In the session, I will describe the story with many ways and ask question in order to understand context deeply. It emphasizes listening and speaking.
[日本語] リヌディングレッスン N2
  • Read “オヌストリア滞圚蚘
  • 月か月䞭に開始予定
  • 40分のzoom session
  • 16時から24時の間(日本時間)、平日曜日未定
  • 党回
  • 参加者最倧名たで
  • N2皋床の文法知識
  • 事前に䞀話を読んできおください。セッションでは私がストヌリヌをいろんな衚珟で読みながら質問をしお理解を深めおいきたす。リスニングスピヌキング䞭心です。

How to contact Azumi

Before considering a serious commitment, please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Some are already set a time and day of the week, others are not determined anything yet. Also, level requirement is just a measurement and not required any certified information. As far as you don’t feel heavily overwhelmed, it is fine.