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🦋Codeswitching Butterflies🎙 S3#E9

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【🇺🇸🇯🇵】《Bilingual Talk, Leaf, Apple juice, A new car》S3S9-#1

Season 3, Episode 9


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Make a sentence with today’s word


There are some catch-phrases of autumn that combine with some words in the Japanese language, such as appetite, sports, reading, or art.

These phrases describe the characteristics of Japanese autumn. So, without knowing it, the phrases don’t make much sense. Here is my breakdown for them!

Appetite: In Japan, autumn is the best for harvesting tasty foods, which means you can eat yummy seasonal foods.

Sports: In Japan, autumn is the most comfortable for sports in Japan.

Reading: In Japan, nights get longer but it’s a comfortable temperature in Autumn, so it’s the best season for reading.

Art: Autumn is the best season to enjoy art since more exhibitions have been organized.







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