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Look back & look toward ; 2022年をたなおろし、2023を展望する

What did I accomplish last year? When I look back, a lot of things I haven’t finished appear in my mind. After making a new year card for 2023 and reviewing my work for 2022, I’ve noticed that I should see what I failed. So, here it goes! Will see what I failed to do.


The content I stopped in 2022

🕐Ongoing and new projects I have had🕦Result of 2022
German story “Gefährlicher Einkauf” project Chapter#9 ➜⛔️[ZERO progress]
“SWAY” reading articleChapter#4 ➜⛔️[ZERO progress]
“TED Talk” article project🚀➜ ⛔️[ZERO progress] 1 draft only
“Social Justice” article project4 articles➜ ⛔️[ZERO progress] 27 drafts
Translation project
  • mission: creating articles about a German story
    • ➜3 chapters left/ 12 chapters
  • pacemaker: weekly meeting with a German speaker
    • ➜ secure the reporting time in the meeting so as to have my friend an involved supporter.
  • good side: finish reading all chapters in the meeting
  • bad side: did not have enough time to create the articles; too big ambition and plan; not focused on the completion; no timeframe for creation
    • ➜ complete the minimum parts first, cut out ambitious parts; finish one chapter in four weeks, by the end of March 2023.
  • すること:ドイツ語の物語についての記事作成
    • ➜全12章のうち、残り3章
  • 伴走者:毎週のドイツ語話者とのミーティング
    • ➜ミーティング時に毎回進捗を報告し、友人をこのプロジェクトの励まし役になって応援してもらう
  • 良かったところ:ミーティングにおいて、物語を読み終えることができた
  • 悪かったところ:記事を作成する時間がなかった、やりたいことを全部やろうとした、完成させることへの意識の欠如、期限設置の欠如
    • ➜まず必須部分を完成させる、時間がかかるところは削る;一ヶ月に1記事仕上げ、2023年3月までに完成
SWAY project
  • mission: creating articles about the book
    • ➜5 chapters left/ 9 chapters
  • pacemaker: weekly meeting with a book group
    • ➜set up another biweekly meeting so as to have my friend an involved supporter.
  • good side: the book group finished reading the book
  • bad side: did not have enough time to produce articles, did not have the clear deadline
    • ➜work on the minimum parts first, complete each chapter in 6 weeks, and finish it by the end of July.
  • すること:本についての記事作成
    • ➜全9章のうち残り5章
  • 伴走者:毎週の読書グループ
    • 隔週の別ミーティングをスタートさせ、友人にサポーターになって応援してもらう
  • 良かったところ:読書グループで本を読み終えたこと
  • 悪かったところ:記事を作るための時間がなく、締切も設定していなかった
    • ➜必須パーツから取り掛かり各章を6週間で仕上げ、7月の終わりまでに完成させる
TED Talk project
  • mission: introduce how to learn with TED Talk for English learners
    • ➜set the volume as three TED talks
  • pacemaker: none
    • ➜set up the meeting after the SWAY project completion around August
  • good side: created the first draft
  • bad side: the draft has not been published, and has no clear goal or the deadline
    • ➜create three articles for three months by the end of October.
TED Talkプロジェクト
  • すること:英語学習者へのTED Talkを使った英語学習方法の紹介
    • ➜3つのTED Talkをピックアップして記事を作る
  • 伴走者:無しだった
    • ➜SWAYプロジェクト完了後の8月にこのプロジェクトのためのミーティングを企画する
  • 良かったこと:草案記事ができている
  • 悪かったこと:草案を公開までこぎつけられなかった、明確なゴールがなかったので期限設定もしなかった
    • 3つの記事を3ヶ月で完成させ10月にこの企画を完了させる
Article project
  • mission: introduce what I learned in the program of social justice
    • ➜goal: completed unpublished 27 drafts
  • pacemaker: none
    • ➜set up a bimonthly meeting with someone and publish one article per two months.
  • good side: still have a motivation
  • bad side: no deadline, no time
    • ➜try to publish 6 articles
  • すること:ソーシャルジャスティスの授業で勉強したことの紹介記事作成
    • ➜ゴール:27件のドラフトを公開投稿する
  • 伴走者:無しだった
    • ➜誰かと隔月ミーティングをするようにして隔月で1件公開できるようにする
  • 良かったこと:やる気はまだある
  • 悪かったこと:締切もなければ時間もなかった
    • 6件の記事公開を目指す

The content that is over and that is going to be completed

🕐Ongoing and new projects I have had🕦Result of 2022Goal
“Sapiens” reading articleChapter#13➜ 👏Chapter#20 Complete🙌
“Code-switching butterflies” podcastS3E10➜ 👏S3E16Discontinued🙌
“魔女の宅急便を読もう” streaming🚀➜ 👏Chapter #7(4 chapters left)
“Let’s Learn Japanese From Zero” projectthe 26th hour➜ 👏the 71st hour(29 hours left)
Sapiens project
  • mission: summarize each chapter in an article
  • pacemaker: none
  • good side: completed
  • bad side: still some Japanese parts remain
  • したこと:一章ずつ記事にして内容をまとめた
  • 伴走者:無し
  • 良かったところ:完成した
  • 悪かったところ:日本語の部分は未完のまま終わっている
Co-podcast project
  • mission: produce podcast episodes biweekly
  • pacemaker: co-podcaster
  • good side: getting precious experience to cooperate with someone and produce something
  • bad side: was not able to give the proper ending to the content
  • したこと:隔週のポッドキャストエピソード制作
  • 伴走者:共同製作者
  • 良かったところ:誰かと一緒に作業し何かを作り上げる貴重な体験ができた
  • 悪かったところ:最終回を用意しえることなく終了となってしまったこと
Reading Class project
  • mission: reading the book with a learner
    • it will be completed with 4 more meetings by February
  • pacemaker: weekly meeting with a Japanese learner
  • good side: doing it flexibly yet ongoing steadily
  • bad side: not being able to expand viewers or participants
  • すること:学習者と本を読む
    • あと4回のミーティングを実施し2月までに完了する予定
  • 伴走者:日本語学習者と毎週のミーティングを実施
  • 良かったところ:比較的融通を効かせながらも順調に実施できている
  • 悪かったところ:視聴者や参加者をあまり増やせていない
Streaming project
  • mission: providing 100-H comprehensible Japanese language input
    • it will be completed with 29 more meetings by March
  • pacemaker: twice-a-week meeting with a Japanese learner
  • good side: keep on going
  • bad side: lost the direction at the end of 2022
  • すること:100時間の理解可能な日本語のインプットを提供する
    • あと29回のミーティングを行い3月までに完遂予定
  • 伴走者:週2回の学習者とのミーティング
  • 良かったところ:続いている
  • 悪かったところ:2022年の年末方向性を失いストップした

The content that is steadily ongoing

🕐Ongoing and new projects I have had🕦Result of 2022
“Pronunciation Script” project🚀➜ 👏64 scripts
“Discuss Culture and Social Justice” streaming🚀➜ 👏6 meetings
“関西人の頭の中ってこんなんやで” podcastEpisode#22➜ 👏Episode#52
“Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk” podcastEpisode#442➜ 👏Episode#494
Script project
  • mission: create a 1-min script for the Japanese language
  • pacemaker: upon my regular students’ request
  • good side: keep on going
  • bad side: getting more and more difficult for some reason
  • すること:1分の日本語学習者用スクリプトの作成
  • 伴走者:レギュラー受講の生徒から定期的にリクエストされる項目で作成
  • 良かったところ:続いている、自分のレッスンの宿題として役立っている
  • 悪かったところ:いろんなことを考え出し、スクリプトの制作がどんどん難しくなってきている
Streaming project
  • mission: having a discussion with a Japanese learner in Japan
  • pacemaker: try to have a meeting every other month with the partner
  • good side: producing bilingual content
  • bad side: directing discussion is not easy
  • すること:日本に住む日本語学習者とディスカッション
  • 伴走者:学習者と各月のミーティング実施を調整
  • 良かったところ:英語学習者向けにもなる二ヶ国語のコンテンツの制作
  • 悪かったところ:ディスカッションの方向を調整しながら、面白いコンテンツにしていく難しさを実感
Co-podcast project
  • mission: producing a weekly episode in the Kansai dialect
  • pacemaker: meeting with a partner weekly
  • good side: keep on going and get social interaction
  • bad side: struggling with time management
  • すること:関西弁での毎週のポッドキャストエピソード制作
  • 伴走者:パートナーと週一回のミーティング
  • 良かったところ:続いている、そして友人との時間を確保できるところ
  • 悪かったところ:時間管理が適当になりがち
Podcast project
  • mission: producing two podcast episodes a week
  • pacemaker: none
  • good side: keep on going
  • bad side: not able to produce as constantly as before
  • すること:週に2回のエピソードの制作
  • 伴走者:無し
  • 良かったところ:続いている
  • 悪かったところ:安定して制作ができていない、2022年はあまり余裕がなかった

Social Media

🕐Ongoing and new projects I have had🕦Result of 2022
Twitter Account3073 followers
Instagram Account48 followers
YouTube Account339 subscribers
Twitch Account231 followers

Twitter works for sending auto-tweets for my Twitch. In the earlier 2022, I was active in following users to boost the number of my followers. But, no longer since I don’t see the merit much. I also struggle with what to tweet since this is kind of an official account and I have to be accountable for my tweet, which is basically not called a tweet.


Instagram was created last February 2022, and 21 posts were made. Then, I don’t see the point to continue. If I had a better idea for producing I’d have continued it though. So far, I have no plan to use it further unless someone gives me an interesting idea!


YouTube, my channel was created in September 2021 and reached 330 subscribers in 2022. I don’t invest much time in it besides uploading my twitch videos, and I have no plan for what to do with it besides what I am doing now.


Twitch has worked for me to produce streaming videos since August 2021. This year, I moved to the main platform to Hellotalk, yet I am still streaming from Twitch as well. Although I don’t see my potential to excel here as well, haha.


Language Learning 2022

German Learning has been stagnant in 2022. I’ve had four language exchange partners. ①in-person twice-a-week partner ②online weekly partner ③in-person monthly-ish partner ④in-person infrequent partner. In 2022, my meetings have served a more significant role in my daily social interaction. And, I feel I need to invest more time in self-learning to improve my Japanese. In 2023, I seriously need to research any college program in Vienna and make a blueprint of how to get into one.


English Learning has been steady. I have participated in one book group and managed another one. I didn’t have any plans to take classes or do language exchanges this year, and I am content to keep reading English books with friends. My goal for 2023 is to maintain it. While I want to organize streaming content for English learners.


Italian learning is too slow. In contrast to the high frequency of visiting in-law family in Italy, my Italian language ability has been forever primitive. I need more input to comprehend the language. But I don’t know where, how, or when I can do it since my German learning’s slow situation. It has always procrastinated and I don’t know how to address it.


Thoughts and ambitions 感想そして野望

In 2022 I worked hard to build my career as a Japanese teacher in italki. When I looked back and pondered, one of my drives was definitely the desire to be recognized. Another drive was the platform’s algorithms; I was into seeing my status going up. That deprived me of working on a lot of the projects I initially worked on. Now I learned that if I work longer hours, I can make more money. Then what will I get at the end of 2023 for what? I want to improve my German and find a way to go to school via the German language. This is a kind of fight against classism as I have to accept fewer earnings in exchange for time for German learning. How far can I get? Will wait and see…