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Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk🎙 #409

#409: 日本語でNews web easyを読む 北朝鮮きたちょうせんがミサイルを発射



How do Japanese people feel about the North Korea’s missile?? This is my personal perception. Firstly, I don’t think Japanese people are not surprised by it. As it is said in the article, it is not a new thing. In fact, you can find another episode that I covered the previous missile’s article in my past episodes collection. By the way, I am too scared to listen to it since this shouldn’t be the same quality level as I produce these days. But, You can try it, lol.

Yeah, the missile looks just mysterious and pointless. Even it is picked up as news, it disappeared quickly and it has become one of usual activities that North Korea does.



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