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Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk🎙 #425

【N4】#425: 🇯🇵日本語でNews web easyを読む #425 アンモニアを燃料ねんりょうにした船ふねをつくる 二酸化炭素にさんかたんそを出ださないため


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Make a sentence with today’s word



In this episode, I’ve explained the transitivity relationship between ーになる and ーにする.

Rather than memorizing these two verbs separately, it would be much beneficial to see them as a pair. That way, you can more pay attention to particles too.

Transitive verbs use をparticle to designate an object, meanwhile, intransitive verbs use がparticle, which followed a subject.




Transitive ーにする ➜ Intransitive ーになる
  • 二酸化炭素をゼロにする ➜ 二酸化炭素がゼロになる
  • 燃料を重油にしない➜ 燃料が重油じゃなくなる
  • 日本語の勉強を日課にする ➜日本語の勉強が日課になる

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