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Read an English book for the first time



For English learners!

Hello everyone, how’s your English learning journey going?😃 What are you struggle for? I had struggled so long for reading in English. I just didn’t like it, so I avoided reading as much as possible🥲 But, at the same time, I wanted to be able to read an English book someday.

Now I read English books more than Japanese books. I would like to write about how did learn managing reading in English. Also, since one of the impactful things that happened to me was joining a book group, I would like to organize a book group here in near future. For now, please enjoy exploring how to read in English. Hope you try reading the book, which I picked for this article🥳

In order to present what to do to be prepared, I would like to explain with a book, which is called Sapiens, published by Yuval Noah Harari.📖






📕Get ready for reading! 読む前にする3つのこと+6つのTips

✒️Who’s the author? 著者はどんなヒト?

Google the auther!
  • An Israeli
  • Published this book in Hebrew in2011
  • Published it in English in 2014
  • Completed his PhD degree at Oxford
  • A professor at the Hebrew University
  • Held an online course at Coursera🔗
  • Does not have a smartphone.
  • イスラエル人
  • 2011年にヘブライ語で出版
  • 2014年に英語で出版
  • オックスフォード大学でPhD取得
  • ヘブライ大学歴史学部教授
  • Courseraでオンライン講座🔗を開講
  • スマートフォンを持っていない

It is very helpful to know the author’s background. One of the things language learners tend to forget is that they stop paying attention to broader information, which they usually do in their mother tongues😌

Also, it is really helpful to explore the podcast, youtube, and news articles about the book. This time, I unexpectedly found his Coursera!! Would it be possible to find Coursera for a book that you are about to read? I don’t think so. This is a miracle!!😳



📋Check the contents roughly! 目次をみる

Take a look at the contents!
Thumb through ざっと流し見する

Let’s check out the contents, then thumb through the book📖 . Just briefly check the titles of each chapter and sub-sections. You can see a lot of images, which gives you a better sense of this book. Just skim the atmosphere of the book and let yourself imagine that you will finish this thicker book eventually😲.


  • Part 1 : The Cognitive Revolution… ch.1- 4
  • Part 2 : The Agricultural Revolution… ch.5 – 8
  • Part 3 : The Unification of Humankind… ch.9- 13
  • Part 4 : The Scientific Revolution…ch.14- 20
  • 第一部:認知革命...第1〜4章
  • 第二部:農業革命...第5〜8章
  • 第三部:人類の統一...第9〜13章
  • 第四部:科学革命...第14〜20章

📖Calendar the reading schedule 読書計画をカレンダーに書く

Let’s calendar it!
どうして計画が必要? Why is a plan needed?

Next, let’s make a plan to read along with the number of chapters. How soon would you like to finish reading it? Be careful of our tendency of getting bored after a while. Your goal is to finish before you get bored obviously. The goal is to experience reading an English book a bit but finishing reading it🤩 Also, please write it down or input your schedule into your calendar, which encourages you to complete this project😙


📝Five tips to follow for your reading 読み方のオススメ6つ

Try these tips!!
  1. Read at the same time of the day everyday…Read habitually six or seven times a week so that your brain grows accustomed to this habit and it allows you to do with out resistance.
  2. Decide how much you read and focus to finish …Once decide how much to read, go to bathroom first, put your smartphone in a different room, and focus and complete the task without distractions .
  3. Resist your impulse to check a dictionary…I bet there are numerous words you don’t know yet, but please stay focus understanding the holistic context of the chapter and minimize usage of a dictionary.
  4. Use a highlight function…One of the challenging things for learners who especially do not use roman alphabets in their mother tongue is that to keep an eye on which line they are looking at. Some use a finger to follow a line (but this is not ideal for e-books), others (including myself) high-lighten words to follow the line.
  5. Don’t be a perfectionist… You will become greater than yesterday, and eventually you will feel achieved, however, it takes time. For now, it woud never be perfect. But it is okay. When your schedule is behind, decrease the time to read the chapter and focus on finising it first. You can return anytime you want. First, finish and then return. That is fine. Perfectionism is sometimes our enemy.
  6. Find a reading partner...One of the effective strategy to form a new habit is to make an accountable partner. It is difficult to be responsible for your self-learning but it is relatively easier to be responsible for your reading partner. Your partner doesn’t have to read in English, they read in their mother tongue. It allows your partner and you to discuss together and bond together.
  1. 毎日同じ時間帯に読む…毎日もしくは週6を目標にしましょう。一日の同じ時間帯を読書に用意することで、脳が習慣を形成すると、「あぁ、読まないと」というめんどうくさがりなあなたが登場する回数が減ります。
  2. 決めた範囲をいっきに読む…読む範囲を決めたら、お手洗いを済ませ、スマートフォンを別の部屋に置き、集中して止まらずに読み終えます。
  3. 辞書を引きたい衝動と戦う…たくさん知らない単語があることでしょう、わかります。でも、どうか全体の流れに集中して辞書の利用を可能な限り控えてください。
  4. ハイライト機能を活用する…英語を読む上での難しいことの一つに文字を追うのが難しいというものがあります。ローマ字を使わない母国語の学習者に特に多く見られます。どの行だったかわからなくなって時間を消費してしまうのです。指を追って読むという人もいますが電子書籍ではちょっと難しいですよね。逆に電子書籍ではハイライト機能があるので、それを使って迷子にならないように読むのがおすすめですよ。
  5. 完璧主義に陥らない…本を読んでいけば毎日成長できます。そしていつかは達成感を感じることができます。でも、時間がかかるんです。今は完璧にはできません。でもそれでいいんです。もしスケジュールが押してきたら、まずは読んでいるところを終わることに集中してください。少し前に戻って読み直したいと思う箇所があるかもしれません。戻りたかったら戻っていいです。でもまずは決めたところまで読み終わるのが先です。そのあと戻ってください。完璧主義はときに語学学習者の敵であるということをお忘れなく。
  6. 読書パートナーを見つける…新しく習慣を作るうえで効果的な作戦の一つに、一緒にする仲間を作るというのがあります。自分のための勉強ってしんどいときがんばるのが難しいですよね。でも、誰かと約束したことのためなら頑張れたりするんです。ちなみに読書パートナーは英語で読む必要はありませんよ!その人の使う言語で読んでもらってください。パートナーがいると読んでいる本を一緒に語り合えて絆も深まります。
Nothing is better than a reading partner!

🏃‍♀【First round】Read with the 80/20 rule  80/20ルールで読む

the Pareto principle  パレートの法則

An Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, noticed that 20% of the pea plants in his garden generated 80% of the healthy peapods. This turned out to be a universal truth that 80% of results will come from just 20 percent of the action🧐

If you just read the first and last paragraph of each chapter as well as the first sentence of each paragraph in between, you’ll understand 80% of the message of the book.

Kruse, Kevin. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. 2015, p. 78.

So, now you see what to read first in order to attain 80% of understanding. You are going to read the first and last paragraphs as well as the first sentence of the rest paragraphs😌



(ケヴィン・クルーズ. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. 2015, p 78.)


As far as not that many, you can use a dictionary🔍


🏃‍♂【Second round】Read without a dictionary 次は辞書無しで読みきる

Aim to complete step 2!! ステップ2の完了を目指してね!
Joy for reading 読書を楽しむために

What would be the primary reason to read a book? I would say, to enjoy the reading experience; encounter unfamiliar something. In order to enjoy, whatever languages are used, we should ride the flow of the reading. Actually, we are usually good at this as far as reading in our mother tongues. Then, in order to do so, language learners should be careful of using a dictionary since it might disconnect the flow. Please minimize your usage of dictionaries as little as possible, and keep in mind you will come back afterward.


When my reading speed was not that fast, I used to use text-in-speech while reading (if the book was an e-book.) It is audio so that you can easily avoid random distractions and focus on finishing it in a certain time. Then, if you like, you can read it again without a dictionary and audio.


We are aiming here on schedule.


🏃【Third Round】Review 詳しく読む

optional. 時間があれば

Here are what to do for review. You can find detailed information in future articles.


See the structure and find keywords  章の構成とキーワードを把握する

Summarize briefly 章を簡単にまとめてみる

Make five questions to discuss ディスカッションするための質問を作る

Check important expressions and terms 覚えておきたい単語・表現を確認する

That’s how to read an English book for language learners. It would be great if you can try it, moderate it, and create your own way!! Thanks for reading🥳


🚀Supplement Where to begin, what to read? どこから始めればいい?

🚧 under construction 現在記事を作成中 🚧

🖱 Supplement【under construction 準備中】E-bookで読書する

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