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Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk🎙 #412

#412: 🇯🇵日本語でNews web easyを読む 外国人がいこくじんの技能実習生ぎ��



Human rights are crucial for our modern life. It came from Western. It is based on the belief that humanity is a quality of individual humans and it is a direct legacy of Christianity since humans have eternal souls that are given by a Creator God. So, Japan is a country still a bit behind this liberalism. I do condemn the awful treatment of foreign workers definitely, however, I do understand it is not that easy to change society quickly.

When I see this kind of problem, I am always confused that when some people achieved a certain belief and it gets consensus, other people who do not possess that quality becomes villains easily. They are so certain that they are not willing to give any extra time for others to appreciate and practice that quality. Since it gets consensus, the only thing that the minority culture people can do is to adapt as quickly as possible? How long years America exploited native Americans and the slaves to accumulate their wealth, while Japan did not open their country? I do believe they are not willing to wait that long, definitely. And, I personally do not want Japan to take time for this transition either, I am totally on the side of Westerners, haha. But, still, I am confused.



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