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Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk🎙 #398


🔗コロナのワクチンで具合ぐあいが悪わるくなった人ひと 初はじめて国くにが助たすける 

🔗Japan to offer aid for severe vaccine side effects


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Japan began to enforce vaccination laws in 1948. Initially, vaccination was mandatory. In case you refused, you would have gotten a fine or something. And it successfully reduced the number of infectious diseases in the nation. Then, the law was loosened in the 1950s and 1960s. It became lighter mandatory without punishment. Lastly, it became not mandatory but just for making effort in 1994 after some lawsuit. This transition has caused the decline of vaccination as a result.

Since the vaccination against Covid-19 has been so slow in Japan, I see some people lean to anti-vaccination opinion. Considering the nation has the virtue of collectivist ideology, it’s made me surprised. However, I can see the impact of social media works for this well.