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Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk🎙 #420

【N4】#420: 🇯🇵日本語でNews web easyを読む #千原ちはらジュニアさん 「ひきこもり」をもっと知ってほしい


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Hikikomori is a compound word of ひく and こもる. Technically, the way of making a noun from a verb in the Japanese language is quite simple. While dictionary form (infinitive form) ends with U-sound, you put I-sound instead.

ひく can be ひき, used such as drawer, dicker, hikikomori. こもる can be こもり, used such as nesting, hibernate, hikikomori

ひく is such a common word to form a compound verb. ひくplus こす become ひっこす. ひくplus かく become ひっかく. ひく plus つく become ひっつく. Now, you see the nuance of what ひく can represent? The movement of the pull. When we do こもる, it doesn’t have a negative connotation, however, if you want to add some kind of forceful negative nuance, here is the job for ひく.

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引く➜引き になります。引き出し、駆け引き、引きこもりといった言葉に使われていますね。こもる➜こもり になります。巣ごもり、冬ごもり、引きこもりといった言葉があります。



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